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You must be registered and login to participate in the forums and messaging features of this website.   

Access is restricted to the friends and families of the TOW Platoon, 23rd Marines.  We don't give, sell, or use your email address for anything except for access to this site.   

Registration is moderated, which means that your registration has to be acknowledged by the webmaster before you can post information.   This usually takes less than 24 hours, and often much less than that.   Register by clicking the link in the upper right corner and completing the form.  You will receive an email when you've been authorized to view the content.

If you experience any problems, contact jillymc@vnw.org.


Jill Johnson
(mother of Lcpl McClure)


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  Why Bother? 

The Forums and Private Messaging could prove to be the best thing to 'real time' sharing of information on this site.   Ask for and share information with members of the 23rd TOW 'family'. 
Registration and authorization are required for access.
If you have questions, contact Jill Johnson at jillymc@vnw.org.

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