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...Letter from LtCol Hill - Reunion
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  Letter from LtCol Hill - Reunion 

Family Reunion Training:

We will be hosting a Return and Reunion Training Day for the families at the Reserve Training Center in Lafayette on Saturday, March 19th. GySgt Harp prepared a very good plan. Then, very recently, higher headquarters asked us to make some additions. We are incorporating the new material and new resources. Please be patient, we will publish the detailed schedule as soon as we can. The day should not change, so make plans to be here on the afternoon of the 19th. I strongly encourage each close family member to attend this training. If you are out of town, this would be worth the drive. I believe it is very important.

Combat Stress Discussion:

The Marine Corps has made big strides in understanding and treating combat related stress. GySgt Harp and I have been working to ensure our Marines and families will receive all the relevant training and assistance. Our Marines will receive a set of classes beginning in Iraq or Kuwait, and will continuing in 29 Palms and the Reserve Training Center. Appropriate counseling will be available. I and everyone on my staff supports this. I am also impressed with the way our higher headquarters is supporting us so far. Yes, GySgt Harp and I watched the Frontline special on PBS, and we discussed it the next day. I recommend it to each family member. (I am considering ordering a copy of the DVD, so others could view it also.) The stress of combat will impact all who experience it. We need to understand those issues, and understand what we can do after we get our Marines back home. We will discuss this, and other similar issues on Saturday, March 19th.


I was impressed to see the Deployment and Reunion Resources page added to the website. Please look at this page. Once again, I am very thankful to Jill, Jeri and all others who have made this website so useful. The information Jill found from MCCS-OneSource is very good. MCCS-OneSource is there for our use. It is one of the programs the Marine Corps implemented to increase the support available to remotely located families. We reserve families are the primary target group. I encourage you to take advantage of MCCS-OneSource.

Thanks to everyone who continues to help. My staff has lots of work in the near future, and your assistance is very valuable.

Semper fi,

LtCol Tim Hill

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