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  Mrs. United States 

Mrs. Edrienne Carpenter, Mrs. United States 2004, spoke at the Reunion Briefing on March 19 on post-partum depression.  What, you might ask does post-partum depression have to do with the TOW Platoon reunion?    One third of the 100 guys in the TOW Platoon are married.   Nine babies were born just since deployment and, there's probably a good chance that we'll have a few more in 9 months or so!!!  Post-partum depression is more common and serious than most of us realized.   External stresses do play a role in development and recovery and military life (separation, deployment, etc.) can be stressful.  

Mrs. Carpenter is a 'survivor' of post-partum depression.   Survival requires support and understanding and intervention.  She provided a strong case for us to each recognize the problem and talked about concrete ways we can help.  

For more information on post-partum depression, visit these websites.

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  Mrs. United States 2004 

Mrs. Edrienne Carpenter
Mrs. United States visit TOW Platoon!
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