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  Welcome to the Photo Gallery 

We are constucting  Photo Galleries for the Marines and familes of the TOW Platoon, 23rd Marines .  We hope you'll contribute photos and enjoy viewing those submitted by others.

We will have both platoon galleries and family galleries.   The galleries will function as they the one below.   Small, thumbnail versions of the pictures will be displayed.  Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger version of the picture.  You will be able to email links to specific pictures from within the gallery.

There are 3 privacy options for the galleries:

1.  Public viewing.   These galleries have unrestricted viewing and anyone who visits the website can view the images.  There is no need to register.

2.  Platoon-restricted viewing.  These galleries are only viewable by 'registered users'  who are members of  families or friends of the TOW Platoon, 23rd Marines .   Registration requires 'authorization' and some association with the unit.   THIS IS THE DEFAULT PERMISSION LEVEL.

3.  Family-restricted viewing.  These galleries will only be viewable by specified registered users of your family.   

To request a family page, send an email to us with the name of your marine.  We'll set up a gallery page named with the last name and initials of your Marine.    Unless specifically requested, the pages will be platoon-restricted, which means that they will only be viewable by registered users from the 23rd TOW 'family'.

Each gallery can include multiple categores of pictures such as Family, In Country, Back Home, or whatever you chose.   Each picture can have a caption and short description.   Email digital pictures for the gallery to Jill Johnson at or Jeri Melancon at along with captions and descriptions.   If you have prints you'd like to inlcude, let us know and we'll try and arrange to get them scanned.

You will be able to add pictures to your gallery over time. 

To request a page or get more information, contact us by email, or by the information on the Contact Us page.   If you'd like to volunteer to help with the website, let us know, too.

Sharing and caring....

Jilll and Jeri


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